Lindelof Still looks worrisome

Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam – Not the debut desired by Victor Lindelof when Manchester United appear in the European Super Cup. Lindelof called so the culprit defeat of the Red Devils.

Lindelof imported MU from Benfica with a tag of 30 million pounds sterling. Which makes it one of the club’s most expensive purchases this summer. The arrival of Lindelof expected to strengthen MU’s back line considered not yet tough.

Despite Eric Bailly, Manchester United have no proper companion for the Ivory Coast defender. Fom Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Daley Blind, and even Marcos Rojo. So Lindelof considered would be the right partner for Bailly.

Unfortunately, Lindelof’s debut in an unbeatable official match when MU lost 1-2 from Madrid. That defender considered one of the reasons why his team failed to become European Super Cup winners.

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Casemiro’s first Madrid goal, albeit an offside, was thanks to Lindelof’s side who failed to keep his opponent’s moves. Casemiro easily accepted Dani Carvajal’s stomach bait and hacked into David De Gea’s nets.

In the game, Whoscored noted Lindelof had a total of four tackles, one intercept, and five strokes. There’s 19 baits released by him with an accuracy of 84.2 percent.

Lindelof performance is as if repeating what he did in the pre-season game when Manchester met Madrid. At that time, Lindelof considered dropping Theo Hernandez in a duel and led to a penalty for Madrid.

“I think the new players MU appear okay where Romelu Lukaku as attackers. Nemanja Matic in midfield, and Lindelof in the back,” Alan Pardew said, as quoted from Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam and reported by Sabung Ayam Online.

“Many of their players in that sector injured. Smalling has never played a full season and Jones always injured. So the pressure for Lindelof is so great.”

“For now, I think he will have trouble. Benfica and the Portuguese League are not as challenging as the Premier League. The intensity is so high and the pressure for the center-back will be very troublesome.”

“You need to be able to face the opponent in a one bye one. Because the other players all attacking when facing a defensive opponent. Lindelof worried about a one-on-one duel. ”

“He is very bad in the face of Real Madrid. For the good of MU, Lindelof must immediately improve its performance,” he said.

Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam – Lindelof Still looks worrisome

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Conte frustrated by Chelsea about transfer market

Sabung Ayam Thai – Bad news coming to Chelsea ahead of the start of the Premier League. Reportedly Antonio Conte upset because the Blues are less active in the transfer market. Is it true?

Rumors are circulating that Antonio Conte overcame his frustration about aktvitas Chelsea transfer in training sessions. Shopping players by Chelsea this summer considered less satisfactory. They release players who have a big role to take the Premier League title seasons ago, such as Nemanja Matic and Diego Costa.

The Blues are not not shopping. There are three new players so residents of Stamford Bridge. They are Antonio Ruediger, Timoue Bakayoko, and Alvaro Morata. But Conte admitted less satisfied with the recruitment.

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Conte’s reaction when asked about transfer Matic after the Community Shield game raises rumors that he is not happy. Even reportedly, Conte began not mood train Cahill et al.

“For us, he still looks as the same at the practice site. One word I can describe for him. He very serious,” Cahill said, as quoted from Sabung Ayam Thai Tribun855 and reported by Sabung Ayam Online.

“He thinks so hard about the game and we train very seriously, he does not change about it, which is his way of coaching and it’s very good for us.”

“Conte keeps on figuring out how he changed his tactics and if he does it any better. I’m sure he’ll think harder this season because of what he did last season and people will figure out how to deal with us,” Cahill said.

Cahill considered fair if a player transfer case effect on Conte. Moreover, Chelsea should be able to defend their title in last season.

“It’s still the same as the others, but there are some incidents in training but it’s difficult for us players to comment on such transfers and other things that have nothing to do with us,” Cahill said.

Sabung Ayam Thai – Conte frustrated by Chelsea about transfer market

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