Sabung Ayam S128 - Wayne Rooney can earn England recall at Everton

Wayne Rooney can earn England recall at Everton

Sabung Ayam S128 – England manager Gareth Southgate has said very happy about Wayne Rooney move to Everton. This means Rooney likely to re-strengthen the national team.

Rooney has just undergone a less enjoyable season with Manchester United. Not getting a place in the core team, Rooney only sit on the bench only. He also scored only eight goals..

Rooney then lost his place in the England national team. Although the status of captain, Rooney not included in the squad of The Three Lions in two international matches counter Scotland and France.

So reasonable if Rooney chose to pull out of Manchester United this summer and return home to Everton. In the club that Rooney wants to restore again its performance as it used to be.

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The important thing is to get another place in the England squad. Because FIFA World Cup’s will be held soon next year. As a captain, Rooney certainly did not want to miss the big tournament.

Gareth Southgate as England coaches welcomed Rooney’s move. The reason he can make Rooney again as a member of England’s core squad. But that if Rooney can show himself useful to Everton.

“Great for Rooney is he will probably play more and more like that, if he can be an important player at Everton then so in England I would be happy if that happened,” Southgate told Sabung Ayam S128 Tribun855.

“We have only 70 English players in the league, and obviously we can not cross out anyone,” he continued.

“First of all, if you look very good and play beautiful football at your club, then he might just go back to the national team.”

“But it should start at the club, the performance at the club. Whether he deserves or not to be called back to the national team. It’s just about the quality of the player. He must feel confidence,” Southgate concluded.

Sabung Ayam S128 – Wayne Rooney can earn England recall at Everton