Sabung Ayam Pw - The difference in ability between Zidane and Mourinho

The difference in ability between Zidane and Mourinho

Sabung Ayam Pw – Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos, has its own assessment of the ability of Zinedine Zidane and Jose Mourinho. Waiting for a match between Manchester United vs. Real Madrid will certainly run with fierce. Then with the ability of Zidane and Mourinho, who is better?

Ramos will face Mourinho who is now coaching Manchester United in the European Super Cup, Wednesday (09/08/2017) early morning hrs. The Madrid vs versus MU duel will take place at Philip II Arena, Skopje, Macedonia. Both had worked together in Madrid in 2010-2013.

During coaching Madrid, the man from Portugal that presents three trophies namely La Liga 2011/2012, Copa del Rey 2010/2011, and Spanish Super Cup 2012.

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Mourinho often involved feud with the media during training in Spain. Even so with several players, including Ramos and goalkeeper Iker Casillas. In the 2013/2014 season, Mourinho left Madrid.

Meanwhile, Zidane new head coach of Madrid in mid-2015/2016 season. He replaces Carlo Ancelotti.

After Mourinho went, Madrid even a great success. They embrace three Champions League titles, two Club World Cup titles, two European Super Cups, and one each La Liga and Copa del Rey respectively.

Zidane has won five titles in his era. Ramos considered that the Frenchman was better able to understand Madrid’s dressing room than Mourinho. Mourinho considered just an experienced coach.

“I think that when the team has a new coach, it will change things … How to set up the dressing room, Zidane is good in terms of understanding our dressing room Mourinho has a lot of experience,” Ramos said as quoted by Sabung Ayam Pw Tribun855.

“They are both great coaches. We are so grateful we are in greatest moment with Zidane,” the 31-year-old added.

Since last season, Mourinho became coach of Manchester United. Ramos admitted also had received an offer in uniform The Red Devils two years ago.

“There was a chance, it was resolved in a different way, I am delighted with United’s interest, it is a great club and I hope that is best for him,” Ramos praised.

Sabung Ayam Pw – The difference in ability between Zidane and Mourinho

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