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Higher Self Reconnection & Unification

Higher Self Reconnection
I have been guided by the Divine Mother to now hone in on my gifts as a Higher Self Channel and Activator to now include the Higher Self Reconnection & I AM Presence Unification Session to those who are being guided to receive it.

This 2 part Clearing and Reconnection Session is very powerful and is not intended for those who do not yet view and truly know yourselves as the Master Creators that you are. Reconnection with your Higher I AM Presence is not to be taken lightly. Full alignment with your I AM selves and the Law of One is needed in order to successfully merge with your Higher Presence and ascend with your beautiful body intact. No one can make it through the shift without being pristinely cleared of all 3rd dimensional density and illusions of separation and completely and totally aligned with their own Divine Plan and personal I AM Presence.

Those with New Earth Soul Agreements and following the Path of Oneness will inevitably be called from within by their own Resident God Selves and Mother God to pristinely align with the Law of One and their own True Original Divine Innocence to begin the process of merging with their I AM Consciousness so they can hold that connection and higher vibration no matter what is going on around them. This process empowers you to make choices that are aligned with your own Divine Plan and Purpose for BE-ing instead of trying with all your human might to do it on your own.

Click to READ MORE - Higher Self Reconnection

5D Ascension Training with Master Jesus


Join Jesus on a magical journey to the 5th Dimension and the Crystalline City of your Original Birth where you will take your rightful place once again on the Golden Throne of Illumination and command forth the awakening of your Multidimensional abilities!


Divine Body Immunization Safe Alternative to Deadly Vaccines

New DNA Coding for Safe Body Immunization Protection

Swine Flu, Nile Virus, Mad Cows blah blah blahhhhhhh!!!! The media has created their usual frenzy by magnifying truth and lies and spreading fear across the land. I am not here to convince you of what is or is not fact or fiction. What I am here for is to offer a solution that humanity can actually use and benefit from. I have created a new coding from the higher realms of light for raising your spiritual immune system and immunizing the physical body from all such invaders that can be as real as you give them power to be.

This new Divinity Coding is Spiritual immunization for the physical body. It is new DNA coding that when activated, is much like a shield that works from outside the body so you are more protected from all that does not serve your body's highest good.

If you, like countless other Lightworkers, refuse to take a toxic vaccine into your bloodstream and refuse to give in to the purposefully created mass hysteria, the Body Immunization Coding is a harmless, effective alternative to shielding your body naturally, spiritually and most importantly safely.

Click here to FIND OUT HOW - Divine Body Immunization

5D Grounding Code Activation

New DNA Coding for Upgraded Grounding Ability
of Spiritual/Physical Bodies

GroundingGrounding is the energetic connection between your physical body and the center of the universe. It is what anchors your spiritual body (also called a Lightbody) into your physical body and your physical body to the center of Earth. This new coding will upgrade your current DNA Blueprint Structure to allow your physical body to expand harmoniously, allowing your Spiritual Body to FULLY GROUND with your Physical Body so you can experience life, joy and love FROM YOUR BODY! The way it was intended. The way it was created, so you can not only begin to participate in life in glorious new ways but you can finally begin to ENJOY LIFE IN AND FROM YOUR BODY!

This new Divinity Coding is so VITALLY needed by everyone on this planet so that as Mother Earth and our spiritual body’s upgrade and evolve, our physical body’s can be simultaneously upgraded and expanded with ease and our spiritual body can merge with our physical body harmoniously without the physical insult and exhaustion previously experienced by so many.

If you have a hard time grounding or feeling connected to the world this session is for you!

Click to Read More - 5D Grounding

Abortion Healing & Clearing

New DNA Coding for Releasing Abortion Energy
Release The Pain and Negative Effects
After Having An Abortion!

The I AM that I AM is here to Love You and Remind You that no matter how it may feel...

Regardless of what religion you may have been raised in, or what your current beliefs about abortion are...


Regardless of what your reasons for having an abortion were, whether you chose or were forced...


No matter how much pain and guilt you may be carrying inside of you...

No matter how much you may feel you deserve to be punished, suffer, or made to in anyway pay for your choices...


Click here to find out how: Abortion Healing & Clearing

NEW Energetic DNA Coding For INNER HEALING

Reprogram Your DNA to release All Inner Child Abuse
& Sexual Trauma Energy For Good!

Inner Child Healing

After this 2 part Recoding and Soul Contract Dismissal Session you can expect to:

  • Learn to understand from a soul level how you are responsible for the creation of every experience you have ever lived through and more importantly WHY you created them and how to cancel them so you can move past them once and for all!
  • You will be able to forgive yourself and those who you perceive to have ever hurt you so that you can heal and move forward towards the goals and soul mission you are here on Earth to complete! 

In this Powerful New Session we will travel to the Inner Plane of your entire Akashic existence where you will:

  • Cancel and dismiss all old contracts that no longer serve you on a soul level!
  • Sever all Karmic Connections to old programs of suffering and victim hood!
  • Imprint your cellular memory with powerful new coding that will enable you to create and tell a new story of your life and open the door to new choices you will be free at long last to make!
  • Rebalance your Feminine and Masculine Energies to the vibration and
    resonation of 5th Dimensional Peace, Love and Joy where all is in Divine Order!
  • You will ultimately be creating the space for Divine Healing to take place!

Below is a list of the current Inner Child Recoding & Soul Contract Dismissal Sessions that are currently available.

  • Familial Incest or Molestation (any type of sexual misconduct within the family - father/mother/brother/sister/uncle etc)
  • Rape/Date Rape (any type of sexual abuse or misconduct outside the family whether you know them or not)
  • Physical, Mental Verbal Abuse (hitting, yelling, cussing, you're no good; you're stupid; you're worthless etc)

Each Inner Child Recoding and Healing Session is an Interactive 2 part Session that includes a Recoding Activation and Healing Session that is completed remotely PLUS a Personal Decree of Independence that will be completed first by your Higher Self during our Session and then verbally by you physically upon receipt of my final report to complete the process. 

Once you've completed your part of the session you will receive an Honorary Declaration of Independence Certificate to proudly display and remind yourself of your Victory over abuse and your choice to be FREE.

Please click the link below to read more about the my newest Abuse Healing Sessions:


Parental DNA Clearing & Recoding

What Can Parental Recoding Do To Help You and Your Child?

If you are a parent who yearns to:

* To better understand your child whether baby or grown up
* To better reach your child's spiritual mind and heart
* To help your children create happy abundant lives
* To help them become what they came here to be

Then this New Parental Recoding Activation Session is for YOU!

By Clearing and Recoding the parental aspects your DNA, you clear out all old parenting karma, memories, programming and beliefs that no longer serve you so you can raise your children as the Parental Lightworkers and Wayshowers that you are without all the needless programs running that cause you to react a certain way, or hold back from expressing love and support to the little people in your life.

By clearing and healing yourself, the mirror that you are for your children can reflect the unconditional love, patience, understanding and wisdom of God so they too can heal, grow and blossom into the fullness of their power.

* In this Spiritual Energy Healing Session you will receive an Energetic CLEARING of all old parental programming carried within your cellular memory that is not serving you or your children.

* You will receive Parental Recoding that will be activated in your current DNA Blueprint that will open your multidimensional heart and mind to a level that resonates with your child, or children.

* Each session is Divinely Guided by Mother God and your Higher self and is specifically tailored for you and your children and the Higher Self of each of your children will also be called in.

Parental DNA Clearing & Recoding


EXCERPT: "The current 3D Physical Chakra System relates to your first 7 chakras and is based on developing a connection with earth and your physical body. The 4D Chakra System relates to 8 higher spiritual chakras and are based on developing a deeper connection to your Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters and other Galactic Beings of Light."

Below is a description of the
8 New 4D Chakra Centers:

15 Chakra System by divinitycodes.com

8th Chakra - This new chakra is located at occipital juncture in the back of the head where the skull and neck are joined. This chakra is related to the Medulla Oblongata and the Cerebellum and is also known to be called the well of dreams.

9th Chakra - This tiny center is related to the Pineal gland in the center of the brain behind and just below the 3rd eye chakra and located directly behind the eyes.

10th Chakra -  This center is the chakra of the Thymus, also known as the High Heart Chakra and center for love and compassion. Located just above your heart chakra.

11th Chakra - This chakra is your Sacred Heart This center is the multidimensional gateway of the soul and is located just below your heart chakra.

12th Chakra -  This is your Earth Star Chakra and is located 6" below your feet. This chakra connects us to earth and the divine mother and is the grounding cord of your multidimensional light body.

13th Chakra - The following 3 chakras are your Galactic Chakras that connect us to the Higher Realms. This chakra is the Causal Chakra or Higher Crown Chakra and is located 6" above the crown and off to your left just a bit. This chakra connects you to the Spiritual Realm.

14th Chakra - This is the center of your Etheric Chakra and is located 12" above the crown. (arms length above head) This is the center for peace and harmony and the chakra used to connect with your Higher Self and the Etheric Realm as well as accessing a theta state of consciousness.

15th Chakra - The 15th chakra is your Gateway to the Universe. This is your Galactic Chakra Center, your personal portal to other dimensions and means of connection to Heavenly Beings such as the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and other Galactic Beings. This chakra is located 2-3 feet above your crown chakra.


5D Ascension Training Series With Master Jesus

What an exciting time this is! Do you understand that ALL OF IT is because of YOU? With every breath you take and every moment you radiate the Light of God that you are, YOU CREATED THIS! It is YOU who raised your vibration a little higher, your heart that loved a little more and YOU who stood in your power with a little more authority. It is YOU who looked a little deeper for the guidance you have come to rely on and trust with your life. It is YOU who created all that you need and more. It is YOU who loved enough to desire the same for all in the oneness you have come to know as your very own reflection! ESPAVO Beloved One!

Excerpt from Master Jesus:

"The first 3 Sessions of my 5D Ascension Training are Initiations that activate all of your 12 multidimensional Lightbodies.  This process is crucial to preparing your physical body for ascension. Those who have been only focusing on spiritual ascension are missing the entire point of ascending the physical which includes your beautiful body. Taking the necessary preparatory actions now will ensure that your ascension experience is not filled with all the unneeded and so called ascension symptoms that people experience in their physical bodies without properly preparing them. Just as you would not send a child out into the world without preparing them for life, no more should you send your body of into the word of 5th dimensional ascension without first preparing it for the experience and giving it all it needs to succeed.

The great news is no one can fail, flunk or otherwise not pass my training classes for it is only those who are ready, those guided from within that will be guided to show up. Those already experienced at working with energy or already living from fully activated Lightbodies may freely choose which training sessions you feel guided to receive.  ALL others are highly encouraged to proceed in order and must complete the first 3 Initiation Lightbody Activations to proceed on through the series. This is for your highest good beloved one.

So my dear one, you simply cannot get it or anything else wrong because you are creating it, guided only by the eternal light force within you and that is your every breath.

Until we meet again, may peace love and joy always be with you as AM I."

~ Master Jesus


Brand At www.DivinityCodes.com

Are You Being Guided To
Help YaMa'EL Help God's Wildlife?

Energy Healing for Panda Bears Energy Healing for Tigers Energy Healing for Timber Wolfs Energy Healing for Dolphins

Click 4 More Wildlife Healing, Donations & Activations


RE-Activate Your Prosperity Code
Plus Root Chakra Clearing & Reprogramming

Prosperity and Abundance are your birthright! Yet far too many still struggle with the illusion of lack with little to no understanding of why the infamous "Secrets" of manifestation have not worked for them.  The first misnomer to understand is that prosperity and abundance are not things one acquires, but rather, it is a state of mind, a way of being, a lifestyle one learns to master.

Prosperity ConsciousnessDeep within the Root of your Being exists the Original Divine Coding for easily manifesting Prosperity and Abundance.  Lifetimes of existence on a duality based planet have buried the Creative Cellular Memory you once had of your manifesting abilities as a multidimensional being.  Buried beneath old programs, fears and negative beliefs around money and wealth lies the TRUE "Secret" of your prosperity.  That very secret lies within the higher vibrations of FEELING prosperous and not in the negative emotions and lower vibrations that wanting and needing invoke.  No one coming from a place of want or need will ever find themselves dancing in money.  The very act of wanting and needing is what keeps so many from ever experiencing true Prosperity and Abundance within themselves and in their world.

The Root Chakra, also known as the Prosperity Chakra, holds many of the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts concerning money and abundance that block us from receiving all that Father/Mother God intended for us to have, experience and enjoy.  The central Root system can be cleared of negative influences affecting our ability to give and receive freely, and then reprogrammed to fill those spaces in your cellular memory with positive thought processes that restores the cellular memory of your original ability to manifest abundance, prosperity, health and happiness.  

Click To Reactivate Your Prosperity Consciousness

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Universal Blue Star Energy
Activation & Attunement!

Sirian Blue Star as seen by Visionary Artist Bertrand RaguetIt is time for us all to begin living in and existing from the highest frequencies and dimensions possible in order to co-create the massive changes needed to create and experience Heaven right here on Earth.

This powerful Blue Healing Light is much more than just a higher vibrational light brought in for our use at this time in healing ourselves and planet earth. Blue Star Energy also balances and realigns our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time, enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies and on this earth on a daily basis. It's a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.

** NOTE: This is a Powerful Activation and Attunement that WILL have an affect on you. The Universal Blue Star Energy can be felt moving within ones body after being activated especially those who are more sensitive to subtle energies. It can take up to 21 days or longer for this new frequency of vibration and light to integrate fully within your being as guided by your higher self at a rate that is for your highest good at this time.

Those who are already in healing service to others can expect these new energies to come much faster and in a much higher frequency than what was previously available to work with regardless of what healing modality you use, expect it to be intensified greatly once attuned with this high vibrational energy. Those who are being called into Healing can expect the calling to intensify until it blossoms into a full knowing of what you are here at this time to do.  This activation is not for everyone. Those guided to receive this activation and attunement with the Universal Blue Star Energy are expected to use it for their own highest good and the continued effort of healing Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.

Click to get your Blue Star Energy Attunement Now!

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Divinity Code Alerts From YaMa'EL

A New Divinity Code Is In

RE-Activate Your Original Divine Self Healing Power
PLUS Receive Special Cellular RE-Purification!

EXCERPT: "Sickness, pain, suffering, death, are ALL illusions of the 3rd and 4th dimension. You have the SAME Self Healing POWER within you that Rose Jesus from the Dead!! But lifetimes of forgetting who and what you are, lifetimes of fear and lies have convinced humanity that we are here to suffer and die at the mercy of sources outside ourselves"..

Click Below To Find Out How To
RE-Activate Your Own Self Healing Power

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Divinity Code Alerts From YaMa'EL

Divine Blueprint RE-Activations For Pets!

Hello Beloved Members and Guests!!  I honestly cannot ever remember ever being THIS EXCITED to make an announcement in my life!  Last week I announced my new Light Healing Services that have been channeled by Source and introduced to the world as DivinityCodes.com.

Since then, I have received 2 NEW Reactivations from the Higher Realms, one of which I am SO EXCITED about! A subject nearest and dearest to my heart. Animals!

I, YaMa'EL, am TICKLED PINK to Offer
the Following NEW Service!

Help Your Pet Live a Longer Healthier Happier Life by Giving The Gift of RE-Activating Their Original Divine Blueprint
As It Was When They Were Created!

RE-Activate Your Pets Divine Blueprints!

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Divinity Code Alerts From YaMa'EL

How can anyone heal anyone else by healing themselves?

How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn't make any sense till I heard it again one year later! The therapist had used an ancient Hawaiian healing process called Ho'oponopono. If the story was at all true, I had to know more!  I already understood "total responsibility" to mean that I am responsible for what I think and I do. Beyond that, it's out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way --but NOW THAT I KNOW  Ho'oponopono, I know that's only 1/2 right!!


Lights of Love Owners
Dorene Patterson & Brenda McCann

Read Our Bios

Lights of Love ~ Your Spiritual Oneness Center!

Blue Star Light Energy

Do you find yourself asking these questions..
Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Join The Journey To Spiritual Enlightenment and Oneness as we re-connect our hearts to shift humanity and the entire planet Earth back to her original Divine blueprint as we each RE-member the "ONE LOVE" we are and were created to be.  Learn how to BE and to LIVE Oneness as the True Heart of God! Heal your inner mind, body and spirit at LightsOfLove.US

Those of US awakening now on our spiritual journey to enlightenment AS the love of God, are finding their "True Selves" and the answers to questions that have beckoned so strongly from within. Where is this coming from? Why do I feel so strange? Why are the things that once sparked desire loosing importance within me?  Why does everything feel like it is suddenly changing and shifting?

If you find yourself asking these questions and more, it is no coincidence that you've come here NOW!

At Lights Of Love you will learn how to meditate, learn about your 7 Chakras, learn to hear the voice of God in your own unique way! Then learn how to manifest your hearts desires using Holographic Creation with us and so much more!.

Read prophetic channeled articles from the God, Jesus also known as Sananda, The Galactic Federation, The Star Elders, The Syrian Council, The Heavenly Mother, Mary Magdalene and countless others.

At LightsOfLove.us you'll find all the spiritual enlightenment tools and self help information necessary as your  Spiritual Self awakens to the ONE LOVE we ALL are! We are here as a bridge to help guide and direct you as you explore the infinite realms of Love and Joy on the Journey To Oneness With God!

Christ Conscious is Living In Universal Oneness day after day allowing God to be active within you and beholding the Love and Light that YOU ARE, for that is how we see you NOW whether you realize it yet or not!

The good news is that every answer you have ever desired to know about yourself is available now right inside of you. THE REAL YOU is the person you've been looking for your whole life, and today is the first day of the rest of your life in the REAL, now after now after now.

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