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Energy Healing

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  Are You Ready to Reconnect With Your Higher Self?

Higher Self Reconnection

This Powerful Clearing and Reconnection Session is not intended for those who do not yet truly know themselves as Master Creators. Reconnection with your I AM Presence is not to be taken lightly. If you are ready to reconnect to the highest aspect of yourself, click below!

Higher Self Reconnection Session


5D Ascension Training with Master Jesus


Join Jesus on a magical journey to the 5th Dimension and the Crystalline City of your Original Birth where you will take your rightful place once again on the Golden Throne of Illumination and command forth the awakening of your Multidimensional abilities!


At Last!! A Safe Alternative to Deadly Vaccines

New DNA Coding for Safe Body Immunization Protection

This new Energy Healing Session is Spiritual Immunization for your body. When activated, is works like a shield that protects you from invaders that do not serve your body's highest good.

If your inner guidance suggests that you refuse to take a toxic vaccines into your beautiful body then the Body Immunization is a harmless, effective alternative to shielding your body naturally, spiritually and most importantly safely against environmental invaders.

Click here to FIND OUT HOW
Divine Body Immunization

5D Grounding Code Session

New Energy Healing Session for Upgraded Grounding Abilities

GroundingGrounding is the energetic connection between your physical body and the center of the universe. It is what anchors your spiritual body (also called a Light body) into your physical body and your physical body to the center of Earth. This session will upgrade your current DNA Blueprint Structure to allow your physical body to expand harmoniously, allowing your Spiritual Body to FULLY anchor in and GROUND with your Physical Body so you can experience more joy and love FROM YOUR BODY! The way it was intended. 

If you have a hard time grounding or feeling connected in the world, this session is for you!

Click to Read More - 5D Grounding

Abortion Energy Healing & Clearing

Release The Pain and Emotional Trauma
After Having An Abortion

No matter what religion you were born into, or what your current beliefs are concerning abortion are 

Regardless of how much pain and guilt you may be carrying or how much you may feel you deserve to suffer for your choices... 


Click here to find out how: 
Abortion Healing & Clearing


Now you can release All Abuse & Sexual Trauma in this powerful Energy Healing Session!

Inner Child Healing

Below is a list of the current Inner Child Healing Sessions that are available with YaMaEL.

  • Familial Incest or Molestation

  • Rape/Date Rape 

  • Physical, Mental Verbal Abuse

Click the link below to read more:


Healing for Parents

By Clearing and Recoding the parental aspects your DNA, you clear out all old karma, memories, programming and beliefs that hold you back from raising your children as loving wonderful caring parents without the negative karmic imprints running that cause you to react a certain way, or hold you back from expressing patience, compassion, love and parental support to your children so they too can heal, grow and blossom into the loving adults they are here to be in this world.

Parental DNA Clearing Session


Click the links below to read more:



It's Time to

RE-Activate Your Prosperity  consciousness

Prosperity and Abundance are your birthright! Yet countless people still struggle with the illusion of lack with little to no understanding of why the infamous "Secrets" of manifestation are not working for them.  

Click Here To 
Reactivate Your Prosperity Consciousness


Universal Blue Star Energy 
Activation & Attunement!

Sirian Blue Star as seen by Visionary Artist Bertrand Raguet

The Universal Blue Star Energy activation is an actual attunement of your energy with the powerful Sirian Blue Light Energy.  Once attuned to Blue Star Energy it is always with you from that moment forward and the integration of this energy becomes a very real part of your own energy system, available to you at all times. 

The Universal Blue Star Energy is considered to be a "Conscious Energy" in that it is the essence of the Universal Creator of all life. One only needs to intend to send this energy out, whether to yourself, another being or to the planet, and this conscious universal blue energy knows exactly where it is needed and goes there immediately without any thought or effort on your part.  

Those who are guided to be attuned with this beautiful sapphire blue star healing energy will also be guided to USE IT faithfully regardless of what healing modality you may be working with.  

Click to get your 
Blue Star Energy Attunement!



In this session YaMaEL, as guided by your Higher Self and Jesus, will be focusing on ALL of your Grande and Glorious Being.  Once gathered, the RE-Activation of your Original Self Healing Power and Full Cellular Energy Healing RE-Purification are completed simultaneously.  

Your Original Self Healing abilities will be RE-Activated just as it was when you were created! You have within you the power to heal yourself, to re-create your health at any given moment that you choose. 

It it time to totally trust YOU as the co-creator of your life, to forget everything you think you know or were taught about what being human means, and remember that you are not your body, and in truth your body is already perfect, everything around you is perfect and that only the perception of something else is what creates the illusion, the mirages so to speak that make one believe they could be anything else but perfect divine love.  

Allow yourself to RE-MEMBER that this perfection has always been a part of you, you simply chose to forget as you took on this earthly body of atoms.

Click Below To Find Out How To
Activate Your Own Self Healing Power

Lights of Love Owners 
Dorene Cash aka YaMaEL & Brenda McCann

Read Our Bios

Lights of Love ~ Your Spiritual Oneness Center!

Blue Star Light Energy

Do you find yourself asking these questions..
Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Join The Journey To Spiritual Enlightenment and Oneness as we re-connect our hearts to shift humanity and the entire planet Earth back to her original Divine blueprint as we each RE-member the "ONE LOVE" we are and were created to be.  Learn how to BE and to LIVE Oneness as the True Heart of God! Heal your inner mind, body and spirit at LightsOfLove.US

Those of US awakening now on our spiritual journey to enlightenment AS the love of God, are finding their "True Selves" and the answers to questions that have beckoned so strongly from within. Where is this coming from? Why do I feel so strange? Why are the things that once sparked desire loosing importance within me?  Why does everything feel like it is suddenly changing and shifting?

If you find yourself asking these questions and more, it is no coincidence that you've come here NOW!

At Lights Of Love you will learn how to meditate, learn about your 7 Chakras, learn to hear the voice of God in your own unique way! Then learn how to manifest your hearts desires using Holographic Creation with us and so much more!.

Read prophetic channeled articles from the God, Jesus also known as Sananda, The Galactic Federation, The Star Elders, The Syrian Council, The Heavenly Mother, Mary Magdalene and countless others.

At LightsOfLove.us you'll find all the spiritual enlightenment tools and self help information necessary as your  Spiritual Self awakens to the ONE LOVE we ALL are! We are here as a bridge to help guide and direct you as you explore the infinite realms of Love and Joy on the Journey To Oneness With God!

Christ Conscious is Living In Universal Oneness day after day allowing God to be active within you and beholding the Love and Light that YOU ARE, for that is how we see you NOW whether you realize it yet or not!

The good news is that every answer you have ever desired to know about yourself is available now right inside of you. THE REAL YOU is the person you've been looking for your whole life, and today is the first day of the rest of your life in the REAL, now after now after now.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the God within us for the creation of this website and the opportunity to love and serve with each one of you, our beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light for the highest good of all humanity.

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