Arsenal need to overcome their defense

Sabung Ayam Bangkok – Arsene Wenger delighted to see Arsenal’s attacking ability and mental strength over Leicester City. But about the defense, Wenger admitted need improvement.

Arsenal reap a dramatic victory in the exciting duel against Leicester at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday (12/08/2017) pm dawn. The Gunners had a lead and then left behind, until finally returned to the lead and won 4-3.

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When attacked, Arsenal showed good potential with many opportunities created. There 27 experiments released by Arsenal, 10 of which led to the goal. While more Leicester wait have six shots, with half the right target and fruitful goal.

Problem Arsenal is prone to make mistakes. Leicester’s first and third goals created because Arsenal failed to anticipate well the situation that started from a corner kick. Both goals scored Leicester from a cross.

While on the second goal, Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka made a bait error while under pressure. Another mistake in the near future culminated in Okazaki’s chances and almost fruitful goals.

Wenger admitted there should be improvements in defense. In this fight alone, Arsenal did not come down with the best composition, especially in the back line. Playing with three defender patterns, Wenger downgraded Rob Holding, Nacho Monreal, and Sead Kolasinac as a trio.

For that in the upcoming game they will make a new strategy. Wenger certainly did not want to make a mistake again. So after this match he will give direct direction to his players.

“When attacking and in character we good. We conceded some goals and should have been avoided. Overall we have to polish it. I think that be enough for our team to be stronger. We all need to improved our strenght,” Wenger told Sabung Ayam Bangkok and reported by Sabung Ayam Online.

“We know defensively, we can do better. But overall we are playing a top game.” When substitutes come in, they have enough qualities to make a difference. ”

“Our players are pretty good. So we are optimistic to be able to undergo the next game well too. I hope so.”

“I’m sure that this kind of fight can strengthen confidence. When you’re in a difficult situation, you remember that you’ve done it before, so can do it again,” he added.

Sabung Ayam Bangkok – Arsenal need to overcome their defense

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Vardy wants Leicester to focus more on the game

Situs Sabung Ayam – Had the lead twice, Leicester City should recognize the benefits of Arsenal. Jamie Vardy regrets a decrease in concentration from his team.

Leicester had two leads before losing 3-4 at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday (12/08/2017) pm dawn. The Foxes got up after starting with a negative when Alexandre Lacazette got under in the second minute.

Three minutes later from Lacazette’s goal, Shinji Okazaki equalized. Vardy then reversed the situation for Leicester through a goal in the 29th minute.

Score had a draw back at the end of the first half thanks to goals from Danny Welbeck. But Vardy successfully brought his team back ahead in the 56th minute. Disastrous for Leicester came in the last 10 minutes.

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Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud who came on as a substitute, scored in the 83rd and 85th minutes in quick succession. Leicester also failed to steal points at strong team headquarters in the first week.

Vardy rate his team’s defeat because of not focus on the game. As a result they lost the ball and were chased back. At the same time, he also admitted there are positive things that could be a good stock in the future.

“It has happened to us in the last three seasons here, we put ourselves in the lead position and some concentration drops make us pay dearly,” Vardy revealed to Situs Sabung Ayam Tribun855.

“Our game is good. We can play solidly in the second half. So, I think the problem we don’t fully concentrated so we lose the ball and lose.”

“We had some pretty good chances, but unfortunately they did not go into the goal, but we can bring home many positive things.”

“Scoring three goals in the away party was positive and we will return to the training ground to make sure we overcome the problems,” he added as quoted by Sabung Ayam Online.

Situs Sabung Ayam – Vardy wants Leicester to focus more on the game

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Lindelof Still looks worrisome

Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam – Not the debut desired by Victor Lindelof when Manchester United appear in the European Super Cup. Lindelof called so the culprit defeat of the Red Devils.

Lindelof imported MU from Benfica with a tag of 30 million pounds sterling. Which makes it one of the club’s most expensive purchases this summer. The arrival of Lindelof expected to strengthen MU’s back line considered not yet tough.

Despite Eric Bailly, Manchester United have no proper companion for the Ivory Coast defender. Fom Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Daley Blind, and even Marcos Rojo. So Lindelof considered would be the right partner for Bailly.

Unfortunately, Lindelof’s debut in an unbeatable official match when MU lost 1-2 from Madrid. That defender considered one of the reasons why his team failed to become European Super Cup winners.

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Casemiro’s first Madrid goal, albeit an offside, was thanks to Lindelof’s side who failed to keep his opponent’s moves. Casemiro easily accepted Dani Carvajal’s stomach bait and hacked into David De Gea’s nets.

In the game, Whoscored noted Lindelof had a total of four tackles, one intercept, and five strokes. There’s 19 baits released by him with an accuracy of 84.2 percent.

Lindelof performance is as if repeating what he did in the pre-season game when Manchester met Madrid. At that time, Lindelof considered dropping Theo Hernandez in a duel and led to a penalty for Madrid.

“I think the new players MU appear okay where Romelu Lukaku as attackers. Nemanja Matic in midfield, and Lindelof in the back,” Alan Pardew said, as quoted from Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam and reported by Sabung Ayam Online.

“Many of their players in that sector injured. Smalling has never played a full season and Jones always injured. So the pressure for Lindelof is so great.”

“For now, I think he will have trouble. Benfica and the Portuguese League are not as challenging as the Premier League. The intensity is so high and the pressure for the center-back will be very troublesome.”

“You need to be able to face the opponent in a one bye one. Because the other players all attacking when facing a defensive opponent. Lindelof worried about a one-on-one duel. ”

“He is very bad in the face of Real Madrid. For the good of MU, Lindelof must immediately improve its performance,” he said.

Taruhan Judi Sabung Ayam – Lindelof Still looks worrisome

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Conte frustrated by Chelsea about transfer market

Sabung Ayam Thai – Bad news coming to Chelsea ahead of the start of the Premier League. Reportedly Antonio Conte upset because the Blues are less active in the transfer market. Is it true?

Rumors are circulating that Antonio Conte overcame his frustration about aktvitas Chelsea transfer in training sessions. Shopping players by Chelsea this summer considered less satisfactory. They release players who have a big role to take the Premier League title seasons ago, such as Nemanja Matic and Diego Costa.

The Blues are not not shopping. There are three new players so residents of Stamford Bridge. They are Antonio Ruediger, Timoue Bakayoko, and Alvaro Morata. But Conte admitted less satisfied with the recruitment.

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Conte’s reaction when asked about transfer Matic after the Community Shield game raises rumors that he is not happy. Even reportedly, Conte began not mood train Cahill et al.

“For us, he still looks as the same at the practice site. One word I can describe for him. He very serious,” Cahill said, as quoted from Sabung Ayam Thai Tribun855 and reported by Sabung Ayam Online.

“He thinks so hard about the game and we train very seriously, he does not change about it, which is his way of coaching and it’s very good for us.”

“Conte keeps on figuring out how he changed his tactics and if he does it any better. I’m sure he’ll think harder this season because of what he did last season and people will figure out how to deal with us,” Cahill said.

Cahill considered fair if a player transfer case effect on Conte. Moreover, Chelsea should be able to defend their title in last season.

“It’s still the same as the others, but there are some incidents in training but it’s difficult for us players to comment on such transfers and other things that have nothing to do with us,” Cahill said.

Sabung Ayam Thai – Conte frustrated by Chelsea about transfer market

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Time for Carrick Complete his Goblet Collection

Prediksi Sabung Ayam – Real Madrid have a special match versus Manchester United midfielder, Michael Carrick. Carrick has the chance to complete his title collection with the European Super Cup.

The senior England midfielder started his career in 1999 which means almost for 20 years. Carrick reached the pinnacle of his career at United, where he won the Premier League (5), FA Cup, League Cup (3), Community Shield (6), Champions League, Europa League and Club World Cup.

From all of Carrick’s championship collection, only the European Super Cup is lacking. Previously, MU had appeared at the event in 2008, but subdued in the hands of Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg with a final score of 1-2 in the match was that held in Monaco. In addition, Carrick forced to miss the game because of injury.

In the European Super Cup 2017, Manchester United will challenge Madrid.  The match will held in Makedonski Filip II Arena, Skopje, Wednesday (09/08/2017). This could be Carrick’s last chance to make a clean sweep.

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MU as champions of the European Super Cup will certainly be a tough opponent for Madrid. Moreover, both teams have met and ended with the defeat of Madrid. Madrid certainly can not perform with full Performance. Because of their flagship player, Cristiano Ronaldo is still absent.

“We take it very seriously. This is important trophy frow us to win. We will start the season with awesome for us, ” Carrick said on Prediksi Sabung Ayam Tribun855.

“It’s a trophy I can not yet win and so are the players in our squad, so we really, really want the trophy.”

“The supporters also want something great before the season starts, so we want to show that this club will fight well next season and we will show that to our fans.

“It’s a trophy I have not yet won but this is not about me, it’s about the team and hopefully we will succeed,” said the 36-year-old footballer.

Prediksi Sabung Ayam – Time for Carrick Complete his Goblet Collection

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The difference in ability between Zidane and Mourinho

Sabung Ayam Pw – Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos, has its own assessment of the ability of Zinedine Zidane and Jose Mourinho. Waiting for a match between Manchester United vs. Real Madrid will certainly run with fierce. Then with the ability of Zidane and Mourinho, who is better?

Ramos will face Mourinho who is now coaching Manchester United in the European Super Cup, Wednesday (09/08/2017) early morning hrs. The Madrid vs versus MU duel will take place at Philip II Arena, Skopje, Macedonia. Both had worked together in Madrid in 2010-2013.

During coaching Madrid, the man from Portugal that presents three trophies namely La Liga 2011/2012, Copa del Rey 2010/2011, and Spanish Super Cup 2012.

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Mourinho often involved feud with the media during training in Spain. Even so with several players, including Ramos and goalkeeper Iker Casillas. In the 2013/2014 season, Mourinho left Madrid.

Meanwhile, Zidane new head coach of Madrid in mid-2015/2016 season. He replaces Carlo Ancelotti.

After Mourinho went, Madrid even a great success. They embrace three Champions League titles, two Club World Cup titles, two European Super Cups, and one each La Liga and Copa del Rey respectively.

Zidane has won five titles in his era. Ramos considered that the Frenchman was better able to understand Madrid’s dressing room than Mourinho. Mourinho considered just an experienced coach.

“I think that when the team has a new coach, it will change things … How to set up the dressing room, Zidane is good in terms of understanding our dressing room Mourinho has a lot of experience,” Ramos said as quoted by Sabung Ayam Pw Tribun855.

“They are both great coaches. We are so grateful we are in greatest moment with Zidane,” the 31-year-old added.

Since last season, Mourinho became coach of Manchester United. Ramos admitted also had received an offer in uniform The Red Devils two years ago.

“There was a chance, it was resolved in a different way, I am delighted with United’s interest, it is a great club and I hope that is best for him,” Ramos praised.

Sabung Ayam Pw – The difference in ability between Zidane and Mourinho

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Mauricio Pochettino was interested in bringing Morata

Sabung Ayam Link – Mauro Pochettino said interested and tried to recruit Alvaro Morata. But the Spurs manager was denied because he already had Harry Kane. Morata feels sure of high competition with Kane later.

Morata has just joined Chelsea this summer, with the total value of the move reportedly reaching 70 million pounds sterling. After getting Morata, Antonio Conte also commented about Harry Kane. Which thats bothered Pochettino.

It may be that the Moroccan-related Pochettino statement is a retaliation for Conte’s comment. Pochettino claimed to have approached Morata while still at Juventus. But Morata turned down that chance he feared rivalry with Harry Kane.

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“Morata talked about me in the media. He saying ‘Mauricio called me’. Maybe about two years ago or more,” Pochettino told the Sabung Ayam Link Tribun855.

“He told me, ‘why do you want me when I have Harry Kane?’ You know, if you intend to bring in strikers, they’ll say, ‘Uh coach, you want me for what? Just to sit on the bench?’

“Because it’s about Harry Kane. I can’t compete with Harry Kane or Hugo Lloris or any other player,” Pochettino continued.

Pochettino also explained why Spurs still haven’t brought players in the transfer market this summer. The Argentine admitted it was very difficult to approach good players. While there was no guarantee of getting a place in the starter composition. Moreover, conditions in the Premier League took a long time to be able to adapt well for a player.

“It’s hard to convince a good player to come. Then they have to sit on the bench and the trouble will comes. For now this condition is the best,” complete the manager from Argentina.

Spurs have even released one of his key players, namely Kyle Walker who moved to Manchester City.

Sabung Ayam Link – Pochettino ever interested in bringing Morata

Zidane is not worried about Madrid’s defeated

Judi Sabung Ayam – Real Madrid lost for the third time in their pre-season tour of the United States. That fact does not make the coach Zinedine Zidane worried.

Madrid came to ‘Uncle Sam’s Country’ with a favorite status in the International Champions Cup tournament. But the results are not as expected.

Bringing his best team minus Cristiano Ronaldo who is still absent from the holidays after the Confederations Cup. Madrid should be able to achieve better results from three successive defeats from Manchester United, Manchester City and Barcelona.

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Facing Manchester United, Madrid had a balanced 1-1 draw in time before losing on penalties. Then in the second game against City, Madrid slaughtered with a landslide score 1-4 before the 2-3 defeat of Barcelona.

Three defeats and conceded eight goals from three games instead of Madrid round as European champions. This is not a good capital of course for Madrid to apply the new season.

Especially on August 8 next, Madrid had to face Manchester United in the race for the European Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup contra Barcelona five days later.

“It’s preseason and we’re confident that we can not be ours, but this does not mean anything. This is just a casual exercise in pre-season. We will soon bounce back when the league starts,” Zidane said to Judi Sabung Ayam Tribun855.

“The important thing is we are ready for the match on August 8. I see there are positive things there, but there are some that I do not like. We have to be patient, work hard, and ready for the European Super Cup,” he continued.

“I do not mind that defeat, it’s always painful, we do not like to lose but it’s not that important, we have to do better and make some changes.”

Madrid will close pre-season tour in the US by winning MLS All-Star in Chicago, 2 August.

Judi Sabung Ayam – Zidane is not worried about Madrid’s defeated

Nasri and Iheanacho set to leave Man City

Betting Sabung Ayam – Samir Nasri and Kelechi Iheanacho will not be at Manchester City next season. Nasri did not know where, while Iheanacho docked to Leicester City.

Nasri who last season loaned to Sevilla surprisingly participated in the club’s preseason tour to the United States. Even Nasri considered to have A good peformance last season. That’s make him survive in the squad for next season.

But, Guardiola think that Nasri only add to the squad skuatnya and not the main choice. Then… Nasri will be released from City before the transfer ends on 31 August.

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Nasri would have trouble competing with names like Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling, and David Silva.

“We wanted to keep him in preseason last year but he decided to go to Sevilla He knows the situation here We have a lot of midfielders,” Guardiola said to Betting Sabung Ayam Tribun855.

“We’ll let see. It’s like Mangala. The decision will be decide together with the manager. We keep treating them as long as they’re here, I love working with those who want to be together here I see them in three His last fight and his enthusiasm during training.”

“I’m still waiting for when he performs badly, he’s great at keeping the ball in a tight area, the ball is safe with him, the quality is special, the team is happy with him and his attitude.”

Not only Nasri, Iheanacho was going to be released City this summer too. Whereas Iheanacho had skyrocketed two seasons ago when so supersub with 14 goals from 35 appearances.

However, in the first season of Guardiola, Iheanacho lost to compete with Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. Only seven goals made from 29 appearances.

“I think Kelechi is going to move to Leicester, I think so, but I do not want to say anything about it … If the move fails, then he stays in this team.”

Betting Sabung Ayam – Nasri and Iheanacho set to leave Man City

Wayne Rooney can earn England recall at Everton

Sabung Ayam S128 – England manager Gareth Southgate has said very happy about Wayne Rooney move to Everton. This means Rooney likely to re-strengthen the national team.

Rooney has just undergone a less enjoyable season with Manchester United. Not getting a place in the core team, Rooney only sit on the bench only. He also scored only eight goals..

Rooney then lost his place in the England national team. Although the status of captain, Rooney not included in the squad of The Three Lions in two international matches counter Scotland and France.

So reasonable if Rooney chose to pull out of Manchester United this summer and return home to Everton. In the club that Rooney wants to restore again its performance as it used to be.

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The important thing is to get another place in the England squad. Because FIFA World Cup’s will be held soon next year. As a captain, Rooney certainly did not want to miss the big tournament.

Gareth Southgate as England coaches welcomed Rooney’s move. The reason he can make Rooney again as a member of England’s core squad. But that if Rooney can show himself useful to Everton.

“Great for Rooney is he will probably play more and more like that, if he can be an important player at Everton then so in England I would be happy if that happened,” Southgate told Sabung Ayam S128 Tribun855.

“We have only 70 English players in the league, and obviously we can not cross out anyone,” he continued.

“First of all, if you look very good and play beautiful football at your club, then he might just go back to the national team.”

“But it should start at the club, the performance at the club. Whether he deserves or not to be called back to the national team. It’s just about the quality of the player. He must feel confidence,” Southgate concluded.

Sabung Ayam S128 – Wayne Rooney can earn England recall at Everton